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Gabriele Vannucci

He breathes art from birth: his mother is a photographer, his father is a scenographer and a builder of famous carts of Viareggio’s carnival. From his grandfather, famous painter, he learns the love for design and the knowledge of the usage of colour, where Gabriele concentrates his attention in his desserts’ creation.
He attends the cooking institute G.Minuto in Massa, but he doesn’t love school. During the 4th year he leaves school and “lands” in the laboratory of Mr. Luca Mannori in Prato, where he stays for 3 years. This experience marks him very much. Here, he tries to snatch more techniques than possible, but, life in laboratory is not for him, so, he flies in New York to administrate the production of pastry in a big restaurant with coffe shop and bakery.

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Pastry a living material in continuous movement

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